"If I was doing this for myself, I'd still be on the couch eating Cheetos!"


The Contest
How I'm Doing
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Your Shout Outs

Your well wishes and prayers are giving me strength to do something 
that has eluded me for years. E-mail me your comments.

Here are some of your shout outs:

This whole deal is causing me to silently join the band wagon.
Will be on the side lines hollering,  "its a game of inches....".
Thanks for the inspiration!
i looked at the site it is REALLY kool!!!! keep ^ the great work!!!! 
We just checked out your webpage for the big challenge....cool! It
sounds like you are off to a great start and we think you have a
great chance at winning the grand prize!....Good Luck, you can do it!!
Awesome!  Keep us updated.  I promise, if you come to our house,
we WILL FEED you but a low calorie meal! 
Hey Rev, this is great!! I am so glad you are doing this and I am
sure whatever happens with the contest you will feel sooo much better
just eating right and getting on an exercise routine. Exercise is the
key - the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. Have fun
with this and we will keep checking in. Run Rev Run! You da man!
Great to hear about your success at the Y!  We are praying for you!
You are doing a great job, Richard.
Just wanted to let you know I'm SOOO Proud of you! Hang in there!
You Rock!  Keep it up!
So proud of your progress - I know you can meet your goal. 
I know your kids are proud of you too. 
Praying for you and your weight loss.
I am proud that you are sticking with your plan. I know it seems like a lot
of work (who said it would be easy?) and the progress seems slower than you
would like......
Thank you for your courage to share your journey with us all.

Just wanted to give you a shout, you are doing great!


Holy Cow Richard!!!! you look great! i'm so glad you put pics on your page, you can totally see the change!! you're going to come out of this "A lean, mean, fighting machine!" and you didn't even have to join the army. i'm so impressed!!


Richard, you are looking good my man!  I am so proud of you and I know the kids and Donna are, also!  Just keep up the good work and don't let up after the 8 weeks are over.  You can do this!!!!!


Just wanted to say you are awesome! Your hard work and commitment are paying off and all your buds at Lighthouse (don't you love how I speak for everyone?!) are so proud! YOU ROCK!!!!!

know that the contest week is coming to a close.  I don't know the last day of this contest, but I have been silently supporting you all along the way.   
I  hope and pray you will continue with the weights, exercise routines, cycling classes, and swimming after the contest ends.  What you are doing is great!

For years I have wished for a healthier Richard.  Your weight has - well to get right down to it - scared me! You know, not because you are intimidating, you are just a teddy bear, but because of your ticker and the extra workload. 52 pounds is a major thing.  A GREAT thing.  I am proud of you.  You were never Big Richard to me because of your size, but because of the way you care about others, and the way you live your life for God.



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