"If I was doing this for myself, I'd still be on the couch eating Cheetos!"


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"The Phatpastor is Becoming the Fit Pastor!" Steve Hartline DJ Mix104.1

After my first real Mountain Bike trail ride (at least since I was a boy) 

Hello, I am Richard Richter.
I am a preacher of proportion.
A rotund reverend. 
Well to say it best, I am a Phat Pastor.

They say inside every fat person,
there is a skinny person trying to get out.
 I don't believe that!  
I do believe that I have a healthy person 
longing to get out.
 Join me on my journey to become
less of a man to become
 more for God, my family, my church, and myself.

I have mentally pictured what it could be like.
I have prayed for it to happen.
 I have started too many times to count. 
I have often wondered what  would happen 
if I could get on one of those Biggest Loser-style shows.

Well thanks to My Mix 104.1 FM, Cleveland YMCA,
and other sponsors, I got that chance! Check Out the
Contest Wrap Up and enjoy the web page, but....
whatever you do, 
Please Don't Feed The Preacher!


Current Loss

100 lbs

Thank You For Your Support
Thank You to the Cleveland Family YMCA and Mix104.1 and all the other sponsors for giving me the chance to face a daunting challenge that I never thought I could overcome. 

Thank you to my family, friends and colleagues for your supportive words, thoughts and actions, and everything else you have done to help lay a groundwork for my success!

For all who prayed and continue to pray, know I would be nothing without your prayers!  This was and is truly...a God Thing!


Thanks For Your Shout Outs:
Run Rev Run!.....Thanks for the inspiration!.....You Rock!....Holy Cow Richard!!!! you look great!
Let me know what you think...


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