"If I was doing this for myself, I'd still be on the couch eating Cheetos!"


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Over the summer, I found it impossible to keep the same pace as I had during the school year because of the complete schedule change.  I did continue to exercise either at the YMCA or on my mountain bike, but that made the weight loss much slower.

To complicate matters, on August 7th, the day before my 45th birthday, I did what could best be described as an "old man trying to act young" stunt.  After being begged by a little kid to do a cannonball off the diving board, I complied and ended up with a knee injury.  Doesn't sound like much, but every time I healed enough to exercise, I would somehow re-injure it.  Last Thursday, I went to an orthopedic doctor and he said, I am good to go now.

So, I am back at it.  I have ridden a twelve mile loop, done hydrojog, and even got back on my favorite cardio machine this week.